Our Approach

Elevating Leaders, Aligning Teams, Engaging Organizations, Improving Results

You and your situation are unique – so we don’t come to you with a one-size fits all process, program or system.

Instead, we become your partner in achieving rapid and sustainable return on investment. We ask the tough questions in a safe, positive environment. We explore your situation with you. Open up new possibilities. Help you see golden opportunities and tough problems from a different perspective. And we enable you to gain the skills and courage to lead your organization to optimal growth.

Why CO2 Partners?

Our Company and Our Name

As the executive coaching company Minneapolis leaders have come to rely on, we believe that great leaders use questions to set direction, put the right people in the right positions, and ensure that resources are allocated to the highest priority. Great leaders engage their people to maximize results by stretching beyond assumed limitations.


Our Mission

Transforming organizations by elevating leaders to make a difference.


Our Values

Lifelong Learning: Have and promote a growth mindset that opens-up realms of possibility.

Authentically Presence: Show up with generosity, integrity, vulnerability, and are aware of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, non-judgmentally.

Making the Unknown Known: Liberating ourselves from our history.


Our Name

As you climb closer and closer to the peak of a mountain, the air becomes rich in CO2. That’s our territory – where we guide and support you with the resources you need to reach the top. CO2 Partners is the experienced Minneapolis executive coaching firm that has been helping CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives achieve their highest and best since 2004.


Our Manifesto

CO2 Partners’ Commitment to Social & Environmental Justice

CO2 Partners is a group of independent coaches committed to transforming organizations by elevating leaders to make a difference. 

We believe:

  1. Climate breakdown is jeopardizing our planet’s natural environments and species that we all depend upon.
  2. Climate breakdown must be reversed so that future generations can live and prosper.
  3. The consequences and burden of pollution, waste, and climate-related disaster falls disproportionately on historically marginalized communities, and systemic inequities exacerbate their vulnerability.
  4. Organizations do their best work when they commit to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and when everyone feels secure, welcome, and respected as their authentic selves.

We commit to helping leaders:

  1. Restore, protect, and sustain a biodiverse world—creating transformation that cascades throughout their organizations and beyond.
  2. Defend and include people from historically marginalized communities— exploring new possibilities for leadership and belonging.

We will: 

  1. Contribute both in-kind services and financial donations of at least 1% of revenue to organizations that address or remedy climate breakdown.
  2. Instigate informed discussions within our ecosystem and work personally towards a sustainable, equitable future.
  3. Use and promote equitable and inclusive practices in hiring, compensating, promoting, and discharging.
  4. Use and promote environmentally-sound practices throughout organizations and their supply chains. 

Our Process



The client’s past, current, and future states are measured and projected using a range of analytic tools. Narratives are explored and forged to gain greater clarity.



Options are weighed according to their potential to achieve the desired future state.



Solutions are rehearsed and decision-trees explored, so that actions can be taken confidently and achieve desired outcomes.



The client reports progress on actions at regular intervals until the plan’s outcomes are reached.

16 Principles

Our Coaches

Expertise Tested by Real-World Experience

John Sandahl | Executive Coach

Gary B. Cohen | Managing Partner - CO2 Partners, LLC

Thomas Schlick | Operational Consultant & Coach

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Our Expertise

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