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Professional Leadership that Excels and Thrives

Our business coaches in California recognize that CEOs of small-to-midsize businesses face most of the same challenges as their Fortune 500 colleagues – with a few extras thrown in – like bringing professional leadership to a family business of scaling up to large scale operations when growth exceeds your expectations. You can rely on our California executive coaches to assist your leadership team, no matter the circumstances.

We get it. We’ve walked your walk, hiking to the top and down and up again. Our California business coaching has guided stressed and overworked clients to:

  • Decrease burnout
  • Manage a fast growing business
  • Take a business public
  • Develop a high-powered executive team

Able to deal with all this and more, our clients achieve their goals for themselves and their company. If you would like to find out more about CO2’s business and executive coaching in California, feel free to contact us at 612-928-4747.

Reduce stress. Achieve more. Let’s talk.

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Who You’ll Work With

Tim Dorman

Tim specializes in consulting with Entrepreneurs and CEOs. With over 25 years of executive coaching experience and 9 years of experience as a corporate human resources manager, Tim offers a comprehensive priceless insights into management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Tim’s Bio  Work We’ve Done with CEOs

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