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How to Manage your Executive Assistant

As a leader, your Executive Assistant (EA) can assist you or, in effect, execute you.
Over time your EA will become a partner of yours, who thinks strategically with business
growth in mind.

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Drama Triangle

The health and efficiency of an organization can be judged by how
often triangulation occurs and whether or not it is tolerated by leaders.
Triangulation is when two parties don’t speak directly to each other.

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CO2 Meeting Best Practices

The quality of an organization’s meetings often suggests the quality of the
organization’s overall work. Like effective organizations, effective
meetings have clearly defined roles and objectives. There are four primary
objectives for meetings:

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Career Forward

After meeting hundreds of executives over the years and helping them on their paths to a new position
or a new career, I have assembled a set of tools and resources that may help you on your path.

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Ask, Don’t Tell

Widely acclaimed writer, entrepreneur, and business coach, Gary B. Cohen, offers six critical questions that empower employees to make decisions and transform bosses into authentic leaders.

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Corporate Purpose

Driving corporate purpose is crucial in today’s hiring environment. With Gen Z and Millenials being the most socially-progressive generation, and making up half of the full-time workforce, it is more prudent than ever to have a purpose-driven organization.

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