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You can supercharge your audience and send them out equipped for action with C02’s Minneapolis leadership keynote speaking presentations. Hire Gary or Steve to speak to your company or professional association. Using interactive technology (at no additional cost), their Minneapolis leadership keynote speaking presentations engage audiences and get them focused on making a real difference to their people and organization.

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What to Expect:

With our keynote leadership speaking, Minneapolis organizations will learn to:

  • Make faster, clearer and more consistent decisions
  • Align team members with the organization’s vision and mission
  • Build unity and cooperation within the organization
  • Increase retention of high-achieving team members
  • Ask questions that inspire, not intimidate
  • Energize the organization
  • Increase team/company performance

If you want to learn more about Gary or John and their business speaking for Minneapolis companies, call CO2 today at 612-928-4747.

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Gary has decades of experience growing people and companies. They’ll bring out the best in your audience, too. Learn more about these dynamic speakers.

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