Team Coaching

Team Coaching Overview

Team Coaching Overview

If you are looking for corporate team building in the Minneapolis area, look no further than CO2 Partners. Our team coaching program was designed to provide your organization with broad, comprehensive support instead of simply training a few members of the executive team in accountability. It will help each member of the team see their role in the entire ecosystem and how they are accountable and responsible for their team’s results, not just their part. In addition, the team will learn how to communicate when differences and dysfunction arise and how to encourage healthy conflict.

Our Team Coaching Process

Effectively change cultures & habits for growth

Our goal at CO2 Partners is to help each team member understand how their daily work activities can impact, improve, and interfere with the team. That’s why our corporate team building process is different than other means of organizational transformation — it looks at each task, process, stakeholder, organization, and system both individually and collectively.

We teach your team how to support employees at various levels so the organization can grow according to both a clear vision and a compelling strategic plan. CO2 Partners’ process strengthens a group’s “teamwork muscle” so that members can learn effective ways to consider these basic ideas each and every day:

  • Maintain roles and responsibilities
  • Respect & drive the organization’s culture
  • Grow best practices
  • Track strategic-planning goals

If you would like to learn more about how CO2 Partners can encourage corporate team building for your Minneapolis area business, contact us today.

Challenges for Today's Leadership Teams

Silo Effect

Silo Effect

Self-serving behavior and competing interests, i.e. individuals motivated by individual-performance measures and rewards, undercutting team members they view as competition.

Drama Addiction

Drama Addiction

Trust-damaging behaviors such as rumors, triangulating conversations, and credit or recognition not being given or shared

Stepping on Toes

Stepping on Toes

Confusion over roles and responsibilities—particularly in overlapping areas and during high-pressure or time-sensitive situations

Dropping the Ball

Dropping the Ball

Lack of accountability across team or organization

Silence or Violence

Silence or Violence

Systemic toxic conflict and combustible interpersonal dynamics

Signal Loss

Signal Loss

Communication failures, often as the product of a lack of well-designed procedural guidelines or failure to adhere to established procedures

Fairness Focus

Fairness Focus

Inequity or perceived inequity, particularly when related to virtual and remote team members

Decision Cascade

Decision Cascade

Failure to adapt and act quickly enough, caused by decision-making authority not being properly distributed

Phases of Team Coaching

At CO2 Partners, we don’t use a one size fits all approach to team coaching; all organizations face different challenges and opportunities as well as present unique strengths and areas for improvement. In general, we follow a four-phase process (The Four A’s) with our corporate team building services in Minneapolis. Our experts customize our efforts based upon the organization’s particular wants and needs.

In this phase, team members fill out an 80-question Team Diagnostic assessment (which takes only about 20 minutes and is done both online and anonymously). We conduct cultural interviews of senior team members/key stakeholders, and use Individual Inventories (such as 360 Global Executive Leadership, StrengthsFinders, and DISC) to reveal how team members view themselves and are viewed by coworkers.

We design a customized three-day Team Coaching workshop for your team, based upon the data we’ve collected, sorted, and prioritized.

Team members are shown how to connect and build strong relationships with all the other key stakeholders (especially those who create or receive added value).

Accountability is the heart of the team coaching practice. This is where the team (with the help of the coach) will stand back, reflect on its own performance, become self-aware, and adjust for the next cycle of engagement.

Team Leader View Survey Graph

Team Leader Survey

Analyze your team’s performance abilities for underlying opportunities

Find out how you can better support your team. Then, put it into action by reviewing the survey results with our coaches to discover how you can lead your team to perform to their full potential. Our Team Leader Survey will guide you through an assessment of your team and will provide you with an insightful analysis of how they operate, where they’re strong, how they handle criticism, and more! Get started now and increase your department’s efficiency tomorrow.

Discover Your Team’s Potential

Team Coaching Testimonials

“Team Coaching with CO2 Partners provided leadership strategies and techniques to a newly formed team to build trust  and  basic leadership principles to improve communication and speed up decision making. Their insights and consultative style is refreshing.”

Kerry Roraff
Senior Director, Human Resources, HARMAN International

“Team coaching with CO2 partners changed us from being a group of smart individuals to being a group of individuals who worked smart together. After our time with CO2, our senior leadership trusted each other, worked on strategic issues, focused on the overall museum goals, and drove significant culture change in a 111-year-old organization whose mission is to Turn on the Science for everyone through science, education, and equity.”

Alison Rempel Brown
President and CEO, Science Museum of Minnesota

“Team coaching with CO2 Partners has set our senior leadership team on the right path to effectively work together on the most important decisions for the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Together, we created our team’s vision, agreements, and operating principles that focus on the whole of the group while highlighting the value that each member brings. This framework pushes up to ask the tough questions, challenge each other in service of the museum’s mission, and hold each other accountable.”

Juliette Francis
Vice President, Human Resources, Science Museum of Minnesota

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Who You’ll Work With

John Sandahl

John Sandahl is a certified team and executive coach, change-agent, team development specialist, and speaker with 20 years of experience helping teams and their leaders around the country achieve high performance through the power of connection and coaching.

John is an expert in facilitating any experience from very large group events to one-on-one personal coaching sessions and has yet to meet a group or individual with whom he can’t find some common ground to start the change process. He has worked with well over 175,000 people over his career to date helping them make change both personally and organizationally.

In addition to his work in the world of business teams, he has sustained a 20-year Ultimate Frisbee career while playing all over the world: he is a four-time national, three-time world champion and former captain of Team USA. He also coached the US National U20 women’s team three times in the junior world championships in Finland, Vancouver, and Germany where they medaled each time. He’s passionate about helping people learn to see each other (and themselves) in a better way, and has directed team development workshops with the national non-profit Youth Frontiers for 14 years.

John has a B.A. from St. John’s University, and he trained and certified with both Team Coaching International and The Coaches Training Institute, the standard-bearers of coach-training organizations worldwide, where he received the designations CTPC and CPCC.

John’s Bio  Work We’ve Done With Speaking

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