Ask, Don’t Tell eBook

Ask, Don’t Tell: E-Book by Gary B. Cohen

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“Employee empowerment begins with leaders asking themselves four words over and over: Whose decision is it?


Whose decision is it? — the first question a leader should ask in any situation. The second question? That’s what you’re here to find out!

Widely acclaimed writer, entrepreneur, and business coach, Gary B. Cohen, offers six critical questions that empower employees to make decisions and transform bosses into authentic leaders.

Download the guide to learn how to apply these questions in real-world situations:

  1. Whose Decision Is It?
  2. What Is My Guiding Question?
  3. How Does Your Ego Get in the Way of Leading?
  4. How Do I Demonstrate I Am Listening?
  5. Leadership Motivates Action?
  6. Why Shouldn’t I Try to Solve Everyone’s Problem?


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